Original Cake Menu

Original Flavor

Based on a golden mixture of fresh eggs, milk and flour, the cakes with original flavor create a creamy mouthfeel and savory natural aroma from eggs and milk. Take a bite and experience the taste of happiness.

Cheese Flavor

With two layers of sliced cheese filling plus cheese powder sprinkled on top, the silky texture and delicate mouthfeel bring to you nothing but delightfully fresh and elegantly simple cheese flavor while low sugar, low fat health concept makes it ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Spurted Chocolate Flavor

Brimming over with rich chocolate smell and creamy mouthfeel, the dark bittersweet baking chocolate chips in the cakes not only convey rich chocolate flavor but teem with the magic of happiness.

Healthy Dried Longan Flavor

A specially developed recipe with unique ingredient, dried longan treated with honey and rum, create a cake with agreeable sweetness, while the elegantly refined longan flavor and springy mouthfeel add interesting taste to the cake. The perfect blending of cake’s aroma with longan’s sweetness makes it real tasty and just irresistible.

Almond and Nuts Flavor

A combination of mixed nuts of almonds plus eight different kinds of healthy nuts creates an innovative cake flavor and crisp mouthfeel blending with crispness that get out of ruts of stereotype.

Cranberry Flavor

Blending into the rich aroma of cakes, fresh and pink cranberries from the nature are as lovely as vibrant butterflies. The art of the sense of taste is then beautifully presented.

Banana Milk Flavor

Once getting into the mouth, a faint scent of banana can be felt while the rich and pleasant smell of banana milk cake lingers in your mouth letting out sweetness and aroma for you to savor.